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Welcome To A Fitness Routine You Can Enjoy!

Life can sometimes get in the way and at Nishikan Martial Arts we appreciate this, we're here to help in anyway we can. Your physical and mental health is important and training with us ensures a bit of 'you time', where you can kick back and work off the rigors of your day.

Whether you want to learn the more traditional aspects of the art, concentrate more on reality and self-defence, you want to compete or you just want an athletic social outlet, we can cater for all. Through continuous learning training will never get dull or boring as there is always something new to learn, boundaries to push.

Let us help reach your fitness goals, improve your confidence and experience some great stress relief!!



Martial Arts Classes Empowers Students By

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Teaching Self-Defence Skills

Increasing Awareness

Building Self-Confidence

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Your martial arts journey

We Know That It Can Be Confusing Choosing a Martial Arts School, So What Makes Us Different?

Its All About You!

Any Age, Any Fitness our new syllabus is flexible and can be tailored to suit the individual, no more square pegs and round holes!!

Qualified & Experienced

All of our instructors are qualified experienced black belts with many years experience.

With You Every Step Of The Way...

We are here to support you in anyway we can, from beginner through to black belt. We'll make the journey with you.

3 Ways Our Martial Arts Classes Help You Reach Your Potential

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Social Life

Meet like minded individuals on the same martial arts journey as you.

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Physical Fitness

Improved co-ordination, reflexes, flexibility and overall health, whats not to love about the health benefits of martial arts.

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Mental Health

By developing the discipline to reach your goals and push boundaries will benefit many aspects of your life.

The training is first class, Paul really brings the moves to life so that you can really understand them and how they all fit together for your kata. The new syllabus is great and really allows you to integrate the moves as karate should be, helping to gain a better understanding in application. The Honbu has a great team spirit,and feels just a great big family. The seniors really encourage and inspire the more intermediate levels and it is a pleasure to be part of the team

Jeani Howard

Parent & Student

Vicky Moore

Parent & Student


Improve Focus

Physical activities such as the martial arts have been shown to improve the brains neural networks. This can lead to improved focus and help reduce stress levels, improving your mental health.


Great Therapy!

Using the strike bags and shields can be very therapeutic especially after a hard day, a fantastic way to let out all the stress from your daily life! 







The Training Matrix

At Nishikan Martial Arts we use the training matrix. By performing the same drill on our own, against a partner and on the strike equipment we try and where possible eliminate the flaws in technique which are inherent if you train just using one way. You will find vast improvements when using this method which is great for your self-confidence and esteem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Groups Are Avaiable For Adult Martial Arts?

These classes are available for 14 years +

What Happens After I Book My Trial?

The Instructor will be in touch to book your first lesson

Do I have To Commit Straight Away?

Whilst we would love you to become a member there is no requirement to sign up to lessons straight after the trial.

Do I Need Previous Experience To Start?

No you don't, but we will take previous experience into account and place your you at an appropriate place in our syllabus so that you don't have to start again.

What Should I Wear?

Suitable clothing such as tracksuit and t-shirt are fine, anything that allows freedom of movement.

Is It Safe?

Nishikan Martial Arts has achieved the Safeguarding in Martial Arts Award, we are committed to making our clubs and training as safe as resonably possible.

Getting Started is Easy!


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Your first lesson

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Your martial arts journey

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